Adios Oscar the Grouch

What Oscar didn’t see is that he could change. There are as many ways to be happy as you will find to be miserable. While in some situations, it’s not necessarily an issue of choice, the fact that happiness feels better makes it more enticing.

First of all, be thankful for what you’ve got. Despite the fact that it might not be very much, it’s yours and it serves a purpose in your life. Most of us have something to be thankful for. It may be as simple as a nice hot bath or walking with a gorgeous display of flowers in the park. If you’re blessed with a wonderful house with a great deal of things inside, then you’ve got lots to be thankful for. There are tons of big and countless little things to be thankful for. Start a gratitude journal and each day, write three things that you’re grateful for today.

Notice how blue the sky is the way the sun shines through the trees. There’s nothing more uplifting than beauty to make your heart glow. Relish the flavor of your favourite foods, actually notice them. Make it an important occasion daily to bring pleasure to yourself and really savor how beautiful it feels to know about all of the terrific things that surround you.

Be pleased with what you have, not what you do not. Sooner or later you will understand that retail therapy won’t make you any happier than you are right now. Buying stuff now won’t compensate for the credit card invoice doldrums in the end of the month. We live in a consumer driven society where we buy is supposed to be used for a brief time until it breaks down and is thrown off. We’re conditioned to buy, purchase, purchase, not mend or reuse. When you look in your closet, you’ll discover that you only wear about 20 to 30 percent of what’s in there. Perhaps you should try and wear something you have not worn for some time or put a different accessory with it to give it a fresh look. Give your kitchen a fantastic scrub so that it sparkles and shines. Have your car detailed so it looks brand new again. Figure out ways to make do and be pleased with your accomplishments.

Enjoy your passions as completely as possible. Just because you might not have that leading job that’s you bounding out of bed in the morning, does not mean you must stay in a passionless desert. There’s always time, even if it’s a couple of minutes here and there to get a fast roller blade around the block or put the finishing touches on this cupboard you just completed building. By living what you’re passionate about, you improve your happiness and sense of well-being. It is just fine to be creative in the way you weave your passions into your day. In the end, bringing meaning and pleasure in your life is what life is all about in the first location. Try writing that poem or knitting the sleeve of the sweater on your lunch or coffee break. The transit to and from work provides possibilities also.

Eat decent mood foods. Apart from eating a nutritionally dense diet where each calorie counts for amazing nourishment, you may add mood boosting foods which tip you to the happiness scale.

When you have things that you look forward to doing because they make you feel great, you’ll feel happier and more content on your own. If you don’t appear to have the ability to discover your passion, consider listening to music or look up short videos on YouTube. Matters that uplift you and make you feel great are important to discover. Hey, if you do not like it, go try something different. There are countless things you can do that will turn your green fur yellowish, get you out of the garbage can and also put a smile on your face. It is worth a try, do not you think?

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